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Telephone & EPABX System

EPABX System is an essential telephone system used by big firms and organizations to communicate between the company or with the clients. EPABX system stands for an Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange System, and this system operates on the Private Brand Exchange. The PBX is a telephone exchange network used by the particular organization that helps them securely connect to the employees and clients.

The functioning of an EPABX System

• The system ensures the network connectivity between two or more users inside or outside the organization. It helps in mapping the connection of the call by making sure the links are not busy.
• The system helps keep the call's bandwidth, and the system is also responsible for disconnecting the call when the user requires it.
• The EPABX system can hold records of every call on the operation of the organization. The call records and data help in the accounting process and make it work efficiently without a problem

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