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CCTV & Monitoring

CCTV is the abbreviation of Closed-circuit television. It is the security camera technology used for variety of purposes. With the development of modern society there is need of security. In fact, security is the primary and important need of the current virtual age. The CCTV camera becomes the best option to secure just about any place. This is the reason why installing a CCTV camera in offices, homes, airports, train stations, banks, museums, etc becomes imperative.

SRA offers best CCTV installation, maintenance and support services. We provide advanced and latest technology based products to meet your expectations and bring you a peace of mind. Along with our advance and high-quality products, we are equally committed to providing our customers with superior technical support services. We offer complete support in the installation and maintenance of CCTV. We also do supply of a wide range of other products, which include Video Door Phones, Attendance System, Access control system and Electronic Security Products.

Why CCTV Surveillance?

Installing the CCTV camera can be beneficial for a number of reasons. CCTV Surveillance system is an effective deterrent against crime, vandalism and theft. The cost is very reasonable too. On average four CCTV cameras and a digital video recorder could cost you less than the cost of a smart-phone. For many offices and corporate purposes, CCTV becomes a great tool for monitoring and observing the behaviors of the respective employees. A CCTV system offers peace of mind to home owners, providing security and peace of mind 24/7,recording crystal clear digital video.

What we will do for you?

Installation and set up
Remote support
On-site support